Uplighting Package - $100 - $300

Uplights are a staple for events, filling a space with ambiance and color.  Ours are battery powered and can be set to any color of your choosing. 

Illumination Package - $100 - $300

It is ideal to be able to see your event! You may want to draw focus to your important decorative centerpieces such as your cake, floral displays, ice sculptures. We also have lights that will illuminate stages, pulling attention to guests of honor, and washes for dance floor lighting, 

Technician Package - $300-$1000

Would you like your uplights to change color to match the mood of each dance? Would you like to have scenes created for your guest walk-in, your Grand March, any special dances? Do you want some DJ party lights going for your dance floor? We have several options we can discuss with you, including moving lights, progammable uplighting, and other stage lighting. 

Decor Options - Various 

Decor can be gorgeous and fun additions to any event or wedding, and can make excellent dance floor or couple's table centerpieces. We currently have retro disco balls, elegant and classy chandeliers, battery powered LED candles, and string light canopies, which are a beautiful way to light up your event. We also provide custom gobos, which will bathe surfaces in light in the shape of your event's logo as the perfect branding for your event, or a personal monogram of the names of the guests of honor. We provide textured gobos as well that can light up your walls, ceiling, or ground coverage with various textured gobo designs, supporting your theme and creating depth.